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Vol 38, No 5 (2018): TUMOR

Table of Contents

Basic Research

Silencing RICTOR gene enhances sensitivity of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma to everolimus
Zhao-ming LU, Fei TIAN, Qi ZHAO, Ke-zheng PENG, Yi-ru BAI, Ying-ying SHI, Gui-qin HOU 399-407
Role of UBE2T gene in the migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma cells and its clinical significance
Teng-fei LIU, Xiao-qin LIU, Chao GE, Zhen SONG, Jing CHEN, Hua TIAN, Tao-yang CHEN, Ying CUI, Hong LI 408-418
Silencing DLX4 gene expression inhibits the migration and invasion of prostate cancer cells
Shan-miao CHEN, Shou-lei LIU, Jia LV, Xiao-long QI 419-428

Clinical Research

The role of 18F-FDG PET/CT in measuring the tumor length and predicting T, N and G staging of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Fei WANG, Nan LI, Rui GUO, Hua SU, Xin-feng LIN, Zhi YANG 429-436
Relationship between MLH1/MSH2 expression and prognosis of patients with sporadic colorectal cancer
Yu WANG, Shui-ming WANG, Ming-zhi FANG, Hang YAO, Shu-liang HUANG 437-445
Neil2 gene rs8191670 polymorphism (T/C) is associated with chemotherapy sensitivity of non-small cell lung cancer
Li-ping GAO, Wei HE 446-451
Expression of neuropilin-1 in human non-small cell lung cancer and its associations with clinicopathological features and prognosis
Jin-shuang WANG, Jian-guo HUANG, Jian-hua ZHANG, Hong-mei WANG, Xiu-ping DU, Zheng-xiang HAN 452-459
The expression of thymosin beta 10 in gliomas and its clinical significance
Ying ZHANG, Si SUN, Kuan-yu WANG, Ke-nan ZHANG, Hui-min HU 460-468
Relationship between promoter methylation of homeobox D10 gene and clinical prognosis of patients with cholangiocarcinoma
Hai-xia YANG, Jian-qiang MI, Jun LIANG, Qiu-ju SHAO, Yu-hong QI, Hao CHANG, Qi-ming WANG, En-xiao LI 469-475
Prognosis of limited stage classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma: A report of 40 cases
Yan XIE, Wen ZHENG, Xiao-pei WANG, Ning-jing LIN, Mei-feng TU, Ling-yan PING, Li-juan DENG, Chen ZHANG, Wei-ping LIU, Yu-qin SONG, Jun ZHU 476-482
Clinical significance of SETBP1 gene mutation in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome
Lin LIU, Jin-huan WANG, Ya-nan JIANG, Zhao-yi MIAO, Yang-yang LV, Zeng CAO, Zhi-gang ZHAO 483-490

Clinical Experience

Evidence-based treatment for a patient with advanced rectal cancer with BRAFV600E mutation
Li ZANG, Bin HUO, Ding-kun HOU, Lei WANG, Li-li WANG, Hao WANG, Hai-tao WANG 491-497


Advances in role of radiation sensitivity regulated by telomerase in cancer therapy
Xiang-xuan ZHAO, Feng WEN, Zai-ming LU 498-501
Progress in three-dimensional cell culture and its application in tumor research
Zhi-yuan ZHUO, Gang CHEN, Hua LIU 502-507
Research progress in niraparib in the treatment of ovarian cancer
Shan ZHANG, Guo-sheng FENG 508-512
Advances in antitumor mechanism of oncolytic virus and its clinical application
Yun-yun QIAN, Rong-bo ZHANG, Jing WU, Dong HU 513-518



First International Experimental Biology and Medicine Conference




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Acknowledgements to Reviewers

Acknowledgements to Reviewers  
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Incidence rate for cancer cases in urban Shanghai

Incidence rate for cancer cases in urban Shanghai, 1983-2008.
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