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Vol 38, No 7 (2018): TUMOR

Table of Contents

Basic Research

Anti-breast cancer activity of GPC3-specific CAR-T cells inducing interleukin-12 expression in immunocompetent mice
Ying LIU, Zong-hai LI, Hua JIANG 631-642
microRNA-378 promotes proliferation and migration of renal carcinoma cells and its mechanism
Na AN, Xiao WANG, Pei-jie ZHOU, Lian-zi WEI, Yu-xiang FANG, Wei-qiang GAO 643-651
Effect of estrogen receptor antagonist on proliferation of human endometrioid carcinoma Ishikawa cells and its possible mechanism
Jun-jiang LIU, Dan YUAN, Zheng-ping ZHOU, Meng-meng LIU 652-661
The role of nuclear factor-kappa B in tamoxifen-resistance of breast cancer
Xiao-han JIN, Yong-sheng JIA, Zhong-sheng TONG 662-669
Overexpression of TGM1 gene inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cells
Yu SONG, Yao YAO, Lei XIA, Xiao XIAO, Wu-ling LIU, Jue YANG, Jing-jun LIUTANG, Jing-rui SONG, Jia-lei SONG, Ning WANG, Jie-lin LIU, Ben-David YAACOV 670-679
Effects of puerarin on proliferation, apoptosis, migration and invasion of hormone-independent prostate cancer cells
Liang-ming PAN, Ming WU, Shao-feng YUAN, Jin-hong GENG, Xiang-dong KONG, Jian-liang SHEN 680-688

Clinical Research

Treatment and prognosis of pT1N0M0 Luminal B-like breast cancer
Shi-xia WANG, Yan-fang YANG, Jun LIU 689-696

Clinical Experience

Clinical value of 18F-FDG-PET/CT in recurrent and metastatic breast cancer
Yue-ming ZHANG, Ye-ming ZHOU, Hai-yan XU, Ying-chun XU, Feng-chun ZHANG 704-710


Progress in the relevance of CDK12 with tumors
Hao WANG, Li-li WANG, Xin LI, Ding-kun HOU, Zi-han XU, Shi-qiang DONG, Hai-tao WANG 711-715
Advance in preoperative chemotherapy for locally advanced colon cancer
Guang-lin WANG, Ze-song MENG, Fei-fei WANG, Gui-ying WANG 716-721

Epidemiological Research

Analysis of incidence characteristics of gastric cancer in Shanghai from 2003 to 2012
Peng PENG, Chun-xiao WU, Yang-ming GONG, Kai GU, Min-lu ZHANG, Yong-mei XIANG, Liang SHI, Zhen ZOU, Ping-ping BAO 697-703



First International Experimental Biology and Medicine Conference




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Acknowledgements to Reviewers

Acknowledgements to Reviewers  
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Incidence rate for cancer cases in urban Shanghai

Incidence rate for cancer cases in urban Shanghai, 1983-2008.
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