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Vol 37, No 2 (2017): TUMOR

Table of Contents

Basic Research

Down-regulation of microRNA-21 expression inhibits the growth of human colon carcinoma SW620 cells in nude mice
Tao DING, Pan-pan CUI, Yi-jing TAO, Meng-meng GUO, Juan-juan ZHAO, Li JIA, Hai-rong WANG, Ya ZHOU, Chao CHEN, Na-lin QIN, Zhi-xu HE, Lin XU 117-125
Inhibitory effect of rat hyperplasia suppressor gene overexpression on invasion of C6 glioma cells and its mechanism
Jun-cheng WANG, You-rui ZOU, Qiao WU, Guo-jin HUO, Shu-cai JIANG, Peng GAO, Ming XIA, Bing SHEN 126-134
Inhibitory effect of hypoxia on chemosensitivity of human lung cancer A549 cells to paclitaxel and its possible mechanism
Hong SHEN, Yi-na ZHU, Yong QIN, Lu ZHANG, Jin CUI 135-142
Lignan 1 inhibits the proliferation of liver cancer HepG2 cells and induces apoptosis
Ying-wen QI, Chao PENG, Ya-mu XIA, Kun XU, Zhi-wei WANG, Chen CHAI 143-148

Clinical Research

Clinical features and prognosis of 28 patients with ipsilateral double concurrent primary breast cancer
Xiao-ying LI, Li-na ZHANG, Lin GU 149-156
Analysis of clinical features and prognosis of breast cancer with uncommon metastases
Ru-yan ZHANG, Si-yu HUANG, Hui-ping LI, Guo-hong SONG, Li-jun DI 157-162
Single center clinical study of rectal neuroendocrine neoplasms
Yi-jun WANG, Li-jie SONG, Qing-xia FAN 163-170
Expression of LncRNA RP11-513G11.1 in human gastric cancer tissues and its clinical significance
Ming-xi ZENG, Lin-lin ZHU, Chang-ming KANG 171-176


Progress in research on regulation of tumor occurrence and development by forkhead box Q1 gene
Mian-mian ZHANG, Hui TANG 177-183
Progress in research on exosomes in tumor chemotherapy resistance
Shuang WANG, Xiang-yu KONG, Li-qing DU 184-187
Progress in survival regulatory mechanism of circulating tumor cells and their targeted therapeutic strategies
Wen-chao WANG, Le-hua SHI, Zheng-feng YIN 188-194
Progress in the chemoresistance mechanisms of bladder cancer
Chan-juan WANG, Xi ZHU, Ai-wei LI, Jie ZHANG 195-200



First International Experimental Biology and Medicine Conference




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Acknowledgements to Reviewers

Acknowledgements to Reviewers  
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Incidence rate for cancer cases in urban Shanghai

Incidence rate for cancer cases in urban Shanghai, 1983-2008.
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