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Vol 38, No 9 (2018): TUMOR

Table of Contents

Basic Research

Effects of GRHL2 gene silencing on proliferation and cell cycle of human colorectal cancer
De-jun WU, Zhou YANG, Yu-sheng CHEN, Zhi-jun MIN, Ying-jun QUAN 819-829
Hydroxysafflor yellow A inhibits proliferation and migration of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells and promotes apoptosis via PI3K pathway
Hao-ran SONG, Dong WANG, Jing-min LI, Yan-yan YANG, Xin-bo MU, Xian-yong BAI 830-839
Effects of CITED1 gene silencing on biological functions of papillary thyroid carcinoma K1 cells
Ying WANG, Hua PANG, Huan HUANG, Qian LIU, Jia LI, Lei ZHANG 840-846,900
Expression of protocadherin 10 in non-small cell lung cancer and effect of protocadherin 10 over-expression on function of A549 cells
Jie ZHANG, Zhi GENG, Miao CHEN, Ting-ting CUI 847-857,912

Clinical Research

Clinical significance of Bcl-6 expression in young DLBCL patients with Myc+ or Bcl-2+Myc+
Lin-yu LI, Ting-ting ZHANG, Xu-han ZHANG, Lan-fang LI, Li-hua QIU, Zheng-zi QIAN, Xian-ming LIU, Li-xia MA, BIN MEMG, Yi PAN, Xiu-bao REN, Xian-huo WANG, Hui-lai ZHANG 858-865
Prognostic value of isocitrate dehydrogenase gene mutation in patients with gliomas: a Meta-analysis
Bing-bing WANG, Ji-xin SHOU, Jia-chao LU, Long-long LI 866-873
Detection of volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath for early diagnosis of lung cancer
Ning ZHANG, Qing-wen SUN, Wen-shu LI, Hong LI, Li HAN, Peng HUANG 874-882
Artificial neural network models based on questionnaire survey for prediction of breast cancer risk among Chinese women in Shanghai
Xiao-qiang LI, Miao MO, Fei WU, Guang-yu LIU, Wang-hong XU, Zhi-min SHAO 883-893


Recent progress in chemosensitivity test of tumor
Jie-qin WANG, Fu-yu YOU, Qing PENG, Yi GAO 894-900
Role of oxidative stress in tumor glucose metabolism
Li XIAO, Qian-yu ZHANG, Ying MA, Ying LIU 901-906
Advances on sentinel lymph node biopsy in surgery of early-stage cervical cancer
Zhou-zhou BAO, Wen DI 907-912



First International Experimental Biology and Medicine Conference




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Acknowledgements to Reviewers

Acknowledgements to Reviewers  
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Incidence rate for cancer cases in urban Shanghai

Incidence rate for cancer cases in urban Shanghai, 1983-2008.
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